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Care and Maintenance

Growing your own wheatgrass?
Please refer to our complete instructions for help.    Growing Wheatgrass 
Like most plants, wheatgrass can be successfully grown a multitude of various methods and materials.
If your new wheat plants grow too tall you will loose potency after day 21-24. You can prevent wheatgrass from over-growing by keeping it in a fridge or cool dark place for up to 10 days. Do not let freeze. For best use, cut wheatgrass and rinse right before you juice it.To save space wheatgrass can be cut and bagged, cutting right above the seed.  It’s a living plant so keep it watered. This is a very important part of consuming wheatgrass and nothing compares to fresh juiced organic wheatgrass.

Getting bagged wheatgrass? How fresh is it?  How long does it last?
For those that find a growing tray is not within their practicality getting fresh cut wheatgrass delivered to your door can be an attractive alternative. We offer ‘Same Day Cut’ meaning the day we ship your order is the day it’s cut.  You have to know where your product is coming from and get the right company to really keep it fresh and therefore preserving the potency.  Many companies will cut all one day and ship for the rest of the week or longer. Because the wheatgrass still looks great after 15 even 20 days many don’t notice the difference.  We recommend a fresh supply every 10-14 days if kept refrigerated.

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