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About Us

We spare no expense to deliver the highest quality wheatgrass possible. We buy dirt that is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute and bagged so that each tray has consistent elementally rich soil. Our seed is USDA certified organic from a very hearty farm in Nebraska; this seed has proven itself to be the strongest and healthiest. We also use special air circulators/cleaners to control the ambient environment which promotes consistency in product and impedes mold growth. Our product is also certified through the Nevada Department of Agriculture and the USDA.
This all began in 1986 when Pete senior found out about the benefits of wheatgrass for our bodies and began to grow it himself. After years of perfecting a tray of wheatgrass we decided that our expertise was called for in Las Vegas and since then our mission is to provide the highest quality organic wheatgrass, provide the best in customer service for our vendors, and do it for the best possible price.

Our wheatgrass has been ‘taste tested’ all over the valley and we consistently come up as the best tasting grass.

Due to it’s indoor growability wheatgrass is commonly used in floral displays to enhance exhibits, conventions, company meetings, parties, weddings, entranceways, etc. Las Vegas conventions attract exhibit services utilizing wheatgrass for displays and ambience enhancement

The reason our wheatgrass stands out as the most level, the greenest, and the clear superior product starts with the organic seed and ends with our special care used in planting and transporting our product.

Our wheatgrass has become famous for its uniform and perfectly level look and therefore is used throughout the valley in floral displays and special exhibits where grass is often needed. We take extra care with each tray and it really shows.

Our ‘cool staging area’ allows for more consistent service promoting extremely fresh produce ready for daily delivery.

Wheatgrass can be used endless ways to beautify and enhance your arrangements.

Our dual channel strips make cutting and shaping easier so the perfect look can be achieved for every occasion.

Trade Shows & Conventions

Depending on the number of show days we will deliver the right lenght to suit your particular show and affect. Wheatgrass will grow over an inch daily and the green will get greener.

Tray Size 10in X 20in dual channel makes for easier fitting and cutting. Established strong root base makes this like a carpet of grass.

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